London Indian Head Massage

Please park for free on our street. We share a very tight driveway so I assure you that this is a better choice.
This is a home based business. My pets and family live here. We’re a very happy family of 3 adults along with two friendly cats and mid sized friendly dog. The cats h are ‘catlike’ and may roam around during your massage while the dog seems to enjoy the music and will snooze close by. If you’d prefer, we put them away before your appointment.

The 30 minute and 45 minute massage is done in our living room in front of the fireplace in a regular chair. There will be soft music playing, and occasionally a kitty may come out to see you.
If you've booked online and filled out the online intake form, I may ask you some more health related questions to help me make this therapy as pleasant as I can for you. This therapy is done while sitting up and remaining fully clothed.
I will ask you to breath deeply as I start. This begins the relaxation in the body.
I will typically begin by massaging your upper back through your clothes. I will work on your back, shoulders, neck, face, scalp and ears. If you’re not comfortable at any point please let me know. I will also check in periodically to make sure the pressure is pleasant and not painful. Once your back, shoulders and neck are massaged, with your permission I will place a heated rice bag on your shoulders to further relax you.
You will probably find the massage deeply relaxing and may even doze off in the chair. Afterwards, some people feel as though they’ve had a full body massage as the relaxation in their upper body effects their entire body. You may feel sleepy or you may feel full of energy afterwards. Every person and every massage may have different after affects. One thing that does seem fairly consistant is that you will enjoy a more restful, deeper sleep afterwards. The sleep benefit seems to last about 5-7 days.

If you've booked a deluxe or head to toe massage, I will have the massage table set up and heated for your comfort. (Depending on the season) I will step out of the room while you get undressed. Typically, you will start face down on the massage table. I am professionally trained in massage therapy including draping so you will always be covered with the exception of the area I am working on. I will start with your back massage and if you're having head to toe will end at your feet. I will wipe my hands before touching your head so as to keep you looking relaxed when you leave but not greasy.

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